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R4i3D for 3DS (DSi XL/DSi II/NDSL/NDS) with adapter


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Product Description


R4i3D cards can be udpated for 3DS/3DS XL V7.0.0-13U/E and V7.1.0-14.  (2013-12-11)

1. R4i3D kernel  [Download]
2. R4i3D upgrade file for 3DS V7.0.0-13   [Download]

The R4i3D cards with "2014" mark can work on 3DS V6.3.0 and DSi V1.4.5. Only kernel needed. It will be upgraded for 2DS. (2013-09-16)

R4i3d is the new generation flashcard. It inherits the advantages of the old flashcart and many new features can be found on it.
A new hardware structure bring you a new flashcard platform ,not only restricted on DS.
R4i3D Functions:
1.Wi-Fi upgrade firmware for ever

2. Support NDS Games

3.Compatible with 3DS XL/3DS LL/3DS/DSi XL/DSi LL/DSi/DSL/DS

4.Support internet, MSN, Email functions

5.Backup Save file online

6.Support Music, Movies

Fast Start up:
Step 1
Download the kernel from
Step 2
Unzip and copy the files data dsxreader moonshl2 ndsmail plugins skin system r4i3ds ttmenu to the root of microSD.
Copy the game files to the microSD, insert the microSD into R4i3D.
Main menu instruction
File Operation
File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete).
Music Playing
MP3 files can be played and the lyric will be displayed synchronously
Movies Playing
All movies in the memory card can be played automaticly
Pictures Browsing
Many types of pictures can be browsed
E-Books with extention of txt can be supported
The kernel will updated frequently to support all the games released recently


How to use the R4i3D flashcard?
First,go to to download the latest kernel.

2:(Unzip and copy the files to the root of microSD card.

3:Detailed kernel files

Cheats is Cheats storage file
. Note: Please download AKAIO cheats or may be cause problems ,just as cheats  garbled.
Fonts is kernel words storage file.
Language is language storage file.
Ui is skins storage file,The downloaded skin folder is placed on the inside.
Globalsettings.ini is global settings file of kernel.
Lastsave.ini is the last archive log file.
R4idsn_sd.dldi is the DIDL patch of R4i3D.

4:Global Settings of kernel system.

First, click Start buttonfollowing menu will pop up

select Help, following menu will pop up

It is the basic operation of the kernel, select settings,following menu will pop up

Here,You can change language or interface style.

Note But, safe Mode can not be enabled,Safe Mode is used to protect the kernel system, after enabling this feature, no longer by pressing the START button to enter the operating system rights, only to replace the kernel.
Press the R button to turn to next pages


Press the R button to turn to this page, this setting is cheat, and soft reset is open or not.

5:settings of games.

Select the game and press Y button ,it will appear game details

, We can set cheat and game.

press X button to enter cheats, choose cheats and press X button to save. 

6:Soft reset in game。

Soft reset button is L+R+A+B+,when you are playing game, you can press L+R+A+B+to go back to games main menu.

Package Includes:

1 x R4i3D Card

1 x Micro SD Adapter

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