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R-SIM8 Pro for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 IOS 7.x


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Product Description

R-SIM 8 Pro is a perfect unlock SIM card. It does not need to jailbreak your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. It is the first to support the iPhone 5 IOS 7 sprint. It is easy to use.

R-SIM 8 Pro have two versions, one default and one special. The default version can be played once you plug it. While the special version should select the carrier when the menu pomp up. Then turn off your iPhone and turn on it. 

Here is a video for you:



R-SIM8 Pro for iphone 5 iOS7.0-7.X  (Phone/SMS/ internet)

R-SIM Newest Activation Software 5.1.3 Version, updating iOS7.X iphone5(Sprint) perfectly solving the problems of GSM, WCDMA 186USIM, Nano 128K/256K, 3G/4G sim cards’ SMS and EDGE Internet.

Note: Please open 2G in R-SIM3 Activation Software, solving the problem of iOS7.X 4S(Sprint)2G internet.

R-SIM has been imitated, but never surpassed

R-SIM cards activation program is the assist firmware of the end of R-SIM PC end.

It mainly solve the 3G/4G-128/256K SIM Card problem for iPhone 4S and 5 IOS7、IOS6 (IOS6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, 6.1.1, 6.1.2,6.1.3,6.1.4),4S/iphone Sprint, Verzion, etc.

The Sprint iPhone 5 SMS, Internet problem solved by the 3G patch.

The R-SIM cards usability is more stabilize, more perfect.

It suits for all over the world and all the iPhone 4S, don’t need jailbreak, and the GSM WCDMA perfect unlock. Welcome to download!

How to use R-SIM8 PRO for iPhone 4S / iPhone 5

R-SIM8 PRO Operating Instructions for iphone5 iOS7.0-7.X 

R-SIM 4G/3G USIM Nano patch Installation Instructions for iphone5 iOS7.0-7.X 

More information, you can view its official site:

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