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SAMSIM Unlock SIM Card for iPhone4S/iPhone5


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Product Description

SAMSIM Unlock SIM Card can be used for any iPhone 5/4S GSM WCDMA 3G cards. It supports all IOS version: IOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, 6.1.2, 6.1.3 etc. It supports any carriers in the world for iPhone 5. SAMSIM works perfectly on iPhone 4S and 5 when you make a call, send a message, or surf on the Internet. 

SAMSIM Features:

1. SAMSIM adopts the newest customize IF 608 chipset. The running speed is faster than the old chipset F981,L1S3, F300,STM101 with lower power, UA grade. It supports the protective program if the SIM card temperature is too high. 

2. SAMSIM support all WCDMA 3G SIM card in the world. It is very easy to install. Just install the patch is Ok.

3. SAMSIM supports more than 20 countries default version, such as: Default Sprint, Verzion, AU,SB, Vodafone, Orange etc.. Just play and plug. If you want to change other carrier, you can just use the activation guide card to choose the carrier name.

4. SAMSIM adopts the white PCB, better contact, it will not show No SIM on your iPhone. 

SAMSIM User Guide:

How to use the SAMSIM Unlock SIM card for iPhone4S/iPhone5, you can click on SAMSIM Unlock Sim for iPhone4S/iPhone5 User Instructions.

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