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Sony PSP 290 GPS Receiver w/Case


  • Model: DW-G042
  • 592 Units in Stock

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Product Description

Sony PSP 290 GPS Receiver w/Case

Description      The position measurement system "GPS which utilizes the radio wave from the satellite (Global Positioning System)" in PSP®. PSP® furthermore evolves conveniently by combining PSP® exclusive use "GPS receiver" with the corresponding software. The various software appear, from practical tool such as navigation software and the action game which utilize the function only of GPS to the game. The PSP-290 GPS Receiver is fairly small. It attaches to the USB port on top of the PSP and is held in place with two screws. The antenna can be placed in several positions whether it be up or closed. Using Deniska's MapThis! app, it takes about anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes for the GPS Receiver to lock on to some satellites depending on your location.

    * Reception frequency: 1575.42Mhz (L1 band, C/A cord/code
    * Reception method: Channel 20
    * Reception sensitivity: Pursuit: - 153dBm; Supplementation: - 140dBm
    * Determination renewal time: Approximately 1 second
    * Determination precision: 5m (2DRMS, - 130dBm)
    * External size: Approximately 45 × 41 × 17mm (width x height x depth)
    * Mass: Approximately 16g
    * Contents ones: GPS receiver ×1; Private case ×1

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