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SuperCard DS (ONE) MicroSD/TF Slot-1 Solution Adapter


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Product Description

As the first extra flash memory game cartridge, SuperCard team has been working in developing new features in the past three years. With the simple but practical functions, SuperCard has gained a great popularity of gamer in the world. After a long period of development, our team finally come up the new version -- SUPERCARD DS(ONE), which is the best Slot 1 solution.

SuperCard DS (ONE) MicroSD/TF Slot-1 Solution Adapter

*  Plug ‘n Play(No FlashMe, No PassMe, No convert).
* 100% Clean Rom Support. 100% game capatibility.
* no PC software required, just Drag ‘n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.
* Hardware save support. Easy to backup and exchange save with other players.
* support FAT/FAT32 up to 32Gbits flash memory card. Flash memory card can be used on other digital products, save money.
* Blue-Light engine included. Support High speed flash memory card without any slow down.
* DS original cartridge size, the perfect solution of slot 1.
* TFlash/MicroSD slot Push’n Push design, easy to use.
* Micro firmware designed, and extended skin which is fully upgradeable.
* MoonShell built-in design. Can play MP3, Ogg and DPG2 directly in SuperCard DS system. Capatible with DPG0/DPG1. It also support eBook and view picture. It’s a real multimedia system.
* TWO mode design:
Standard mode: 100% Capability when copy clear roms into MicroSD for playing directly.
Super mode: support RESET, cheat code, save to flash memory card directly.
* Can be used as a SuperKey.
* Inter-play with GBA slot.
* Support SC Rumble Series as a rumble PAK.
* There is a SuperCard DS software(Super Mode need to use), you do not need to use it at standard mode. But if you use the software, SuperCard DS can support more powerful functions, such as RESET, cheat code, infinity save space etc (can support save more than 4m in the feature).

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