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Wasabi DX for Wii


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Product Description

Plug and play solderless installation on ALL consoles (DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E, epoxy D2E and D2nothing/D3 drives)

The Wasabi team have stepped up to the plate and joined the latest evolution of Wii chips and are proud to bring you the Wasabi DX mod chip for Wii. This latest Wasabi DX works the same as the Drivekey where rather than connecting to the controller chip of the DVD drive, it runs directly off the DVD drives ribbon cable, this also means the Wasabi DX will work on the latest D3 drives as well as all other Wii drives. The Wasabi team have been around since early 08 and their chips have always been the highest quality and we except the same thing from the Wasabi DX modchip. If you are the owner of a brand new D3 drive, or even the epoxy D2E drive, these DVD cable chips can be a really good and cost effective solution for your console. The Wasabi DX like other DVD ribbon chips is limited to 3x read speed, but this seems like it won’t be a big issue and the only thing it should affect is game loading times slightly.

The Wii Wasabi DX is flash upgradable via DVD and also they have included a J-Tag connector as a failsafe backup if the chips ever need to be hardware upgraded because the DVD update was blocked for any reason. With that being said we don’t think the DVD update will ever be blocked, but it’s a really good thing to have the J-Tag connector there just in case, as the team could release a J-Tag programmer if DVD update was ever blocked and you would be able to program the chip using the programmer and a PC. The Wasabi DX Wii mod chip will work on any console and any drive type anywhere in the world, there is no having to check your consoles serial numbers, or worry about if you have an epoxy D2E drive or not, they will simply plug in and work no matter when you bought your Wii. The Wasabi DX for Wii is truly a plug and play solution that will enhance the experience and possibilities for your console. You will be able to play games from outside your consoles region and also play legitimate backups of your original games, no longer will the kids be able to destroy those expensive disks.

Technical Specifications

WASABI DX - The fully universal plug & play solution
Plug and play solderless installation on ALL consoles (DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C, D2C2, D2E, epoxy D2E and D2nothing/D3 drives)
Build-in configuration menu (reset console then press 3 times eject)
Configurable Wii Update Blocker to avoid bricking
Configurable Auto-boot option
Direct boot of Wii and Gamecube original and backup discs
Direct boot of Wii and Gamecube import backups
Works with SMG and SSBB and other problematic games
Fully upgradable from DVD
Configuration Disc
16Mbit (2MBytes) embedded Flash memory for firmware usage
Hardware Flash recovery mode
JTAG connector
Two LED for easy installation troubleshooting
Excellent media compatibility (supports DL media)


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