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Wireless Leash - ZOMM - Alarmingly Smart for Phone


  • Model: DW-ZOMM-K101
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Product Description
Wireless LeashThe Wireless Leash™ by ZOMM will keep you from ever leaving your phone behind. It's the perfect way to keep your phone where it needs to be - with you.
If you start to leave your phone behind, your Wireless Leash will alert you before you leave it.
The Wireless Leash by ZOMM is a hands free speakerphone with one touch answering for those times when it isn't safe to talk on your phone.
The Wireless Leash by ZOMM can call emergency assistance with one press of a button if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation.

ZOMM™ has made the first-ever Wireless Leash™ for mobile phones. Using Bluetooth® wireless technology, the ZOMM alerts the user when it becomes separated from his/her mobile phone by vibrating, flashing its lights and sounding an alarm. The ZOMM is also a fully-functional speakerphone, notifying users of incoming calls and allowing them to manage calls directly from the ZOMM. In case of an emergency, the ZOMM has an integrated PANIC alarm and can initiate a call to emergency services.

ZOMM is qualified by the Bluetooth SIG ( and uses the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.5) and the Headset Profile (HSP 1.2) to connect with any mobile phone that supports Bluetooth wireless technology. ZOMM has been tested to work seamlessly with most mobile phones, ensuring a high level of interoperability.

ZOMM is powered by a Lithium-ion polymer battery. During normal use, a full charge may last up to 5 (five) days, or up to 2 (two) hours of speakerphone talk time.

The ZOMM’s durable polycarbonate shell is lined with a thin film and sealed with an ultrasonic weld. A rubber dust cover is installed to seal and protect the micro-USB charging port. This has been done to enhance ZOMM’s resistance to moisture and dirt.
Specs Diagram

The ZOMM’s unique look, a patented design, matches the innovative nature of the product. Its hardware includes:

An illuminated Z-button ergonomically designed for ease of use, but also recessed and unlikely to be inadvertently pressed while in a pocket or purse.

Three LED perimeter alert lights

A high-powered micro speaker.

A noise-cancelling microphone.

A strong, torque-resistant metal loop for use with a key chain.

A micro-USB port with dust cover for charging, updating and customizing the ZOMM.

How it works

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