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X360key - XBOX360 USB Loader - Free Shipping


  • Model: DW-X360-KEY
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Product Description

Notice:The new version has no remote controller,other accessories are complete.
Great news: The international version of x360Key(xk3y) finally in production and WELCOME TO ORDER! The x360key will work with English menu ( Nov.28th,2011)

[ New X360key(international version) ]

This X360key / Xk3y (XBOX360 USB LOADER) is In Stock Now on Dwtechz!

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What is X360key?


  • X360Key will allow you to have more fun with your Xbox 360.
  • X360 key will allow you to play all Xbox 360 you have saved on any USB reader or external Hard Disk.
  • X360key works with a personalised Linux system, that allows the Xbox 360 optical reader to emulate,allowing it to boot games from a USB device.
  • X360Key (also called Xbox 360 Key and 360 key,xk3y,x360key jailbreak ) will be a revolution in the world of Xbox 360 since on July!
  • Have fun with your X360 Key very soon!


The x360dock , which is more cheap than x360key(only $74.5USD shipped) but has the same functions as the x360key,is finally released! click here to get it.

x360key - play all your xbox 360 games from any USB drive


X360Key Features:

  •     With X360key we won't need to flash the reader
  •     With X360key we don't need to have our console with the JTAG
  •     X360key has a strong and easy interface
  •     It does not require any additional welding
  •     X360key is 100% compatible with all models from Xbox 360 FAT (Xbox 360 SLIM too)
  •     X360key supports the most of the games from Xbox360 and of the first Xbox
  •     X360key supports the formats NTFS, EXT2/3/4 y Mac OS X Extended
  •     X360key supports USB 2.0
  •     X360key includes a system based in Linux which is installed in a microSD card (included)
  •     USB control with OLED screen and 3 buttons to control the X360key in an easy and simply way
  •     X360key has a full upgradable firmware by USB
  •     FPGA full upgradable by USB through the JTAG
  •     Full emulation to the AP25 protection
  •     Recovery mode to fix bricks that could corrupt the memory

Future features for x360key:

  •     Control panel web (WIFI device purchase will be required)
  •     Backups loading through SAMBA and NFS
  •     X360key will have support for Xbox Live!
  •     X360key will allow make backups through Xbox360 to the hard disk

How it works

  •  x360key consists of 2 parts, a motherboard and a remote control.
  •  The motherboard connects to the SATA bus inside the Xbox 360, and lies between the drive and the motherboard 360.
  •  x360key is a full-fledged computer system running Linux.



Fat Xbox 360 Drive Samsung All Hitachi All BenQ 6038 Lite-On All    
Slim Xbox 360 Drive Liteon 9504 Liteon 0225 Liteon 0401 Liteon 1071 Lite-On 1214 Hitachi 0500

  •  The emulation of the DVD player for Xbox 360
  •  Reading USB hard drives and other USB media with different file systems
  •  To update only updates and other material support USB
  •  Communicate with remote devices, and other USB external devices
  •  And much more! (EWS and Wi-Fi connectivity for example)



Why Buy X360Key usb loader from

Play all your Xbox360 games from any USB drive
- Released by the first xbox 360 jailbreak item in the world
- Compatible with all Xbox 360 models 
- FREE WorldWide Delivery for your Orders with registered air mail !


We have sent the x360key to all our pre-ordered or ordered customers with free shipping(with tracking number) since Oct.16th,2011.We have enough stock now and welcome to order the x360key usb loader from us.

Q: Configuring xKey - Fats
A: xKey requires a dump of the original firmware from your drive. This is copied to the xKey's SD card, when the xKey boots the firmware file its analysed, the drive type is identified and the drive key etc. are extracted.
Q: If you have OFW
A: You should have a backup of the OFW (or all the information to recreate one) and it is this file that is used to configure xKey. There is no need to reflash your drive with OFW.
Q: If you have a stock drive
A: a dump must be obtained using available tools (we recommend the Maximus Lizard 360).
Q: Configuring xKey - Slims
A: xKey requires the file set (dummy.bin etc.) that can be created with available tools, these are copied to the xKey's SD card. When the xKey boots, the files are analysed, the drive type is identified and the drive key etc. are extracted.
Q: If you have CFW
A: You should have a backup of the required files and they are used to configure xKey. There is no need to reflash your drive with OFW 
Q: Firmware Dumping
A: At launch xKey can't dump the drive firmware. Updates, planned for shortly after release, will allow xKey to perform this task for you. There is no need to flash your drive and 0225+ owners can enjoy all the benefits of xKey without the hassle of swapping PCBs or waiting for an unlock hack
CFW: Custom Firmware
OFW: Original Firmware


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