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Xbox 360 Faceplate 5 Color with Pattern


  • Model: DW-G078
  • 589 Units in Stock

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Product Description






Customise your Xbox 360 Faceplates

Xbox 360 is the personal gaming and entertainment system that puts you at the centre of the experience. You can also personalise your console with Xbox 360 Faceplates in cool colours and s.

  • Defy the norm and express yourself with one of Nyko's er faceplates for the Xbox 360.
  • Choose from the dark shine of Onyx or Shadow, the military camouflage look of Desert or Jungle, or try the sports car feel of Classic on for size.
  • A high quality print finish adorns each making your Xbox 360 look great.
  • Each faceplate is sturdy and built to last. The snap on is easy to install
    1. Custom Faceplates for the Xbox 360
    2. Customize and personlaize the Xbox 360 game console
    3. Snap-on construction for easy installation and replacement
    4. Choose from several s or collect them all
    5. Sturdy for long-lasting use

    The first in the lineup of Team Xtender's XCM360 products, these translucent XCM faceplates offer a perfect way to personalize your xbox 360. And the best part is, you don't even ne to void your warranty! For those of you that wish to dee a little deeper, the translucent faceplate offers a magnificent way to light up the front of your console; Ls plac behind the faceplate can shine through!

    • Equinox Black
    • Ocean Blue
    • Green
    • Ruby R
    • Woodlawn Brown

    Special Notice: If you ne other color's faceplates, you can contact with us individually, and we will check and provide the best price.

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