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Xbox 360 to PS4 Brook Super Controller Converter


  • Model: Xbox360 to PS4
  • 1000 Units in Stock

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Product Description

Brook Xbox 360 to PS4 controller converter lets you use Xbox 360One controllers such as gamepads, dancemats, joysticks and racing wheels with PS4 game consoles and PS4 on PC. It does this without requiring an original controller, saving you money and inconvenience. Installation and use of the Xbox 360 to PS4 Controller Adapter is effortless.


● Compatible with gamepads, joysticks and racing wheels

● Woks with PS4 and PC

● Hot swapping

● Auto-register controllers

● Full compliance with environmental standards

● Optimal button mapping

● USB interface

● Vibration support

● Lightweight and USB-sized

● No original controller needed for verification

● Firmware updatable


Button Configuration

The Brook Controller Adapter recognizes Xbox 360 controllers and Xbox 360 steering wheels and automatically configures all buttons as shown in the map to the right. No switching is required. 


New function

Super converter releases a new function to offer your controller a simulated touchpad button of PS4 controller.

â–  Xbox 360 controller: Use the "Back" button and the R stick to simulate the touchpad button.

â–  Another new function: Use the “Back” button and the “Start” button to simulate the “SHARE” button



â–  Each Brook Controller Adapter can only handle one Xbox 360 controller at a time.

â–  Xbox 360 controllers connect to the Controller Adaptor automatically but must be connected with a USB cable at first-time use for the purpose of registering the controller.

â–  For use with a PC running on Windows 7 please install the original Xbox One driver from Microsoft. Older operating systems are not supported. 


Package content

1 x Xbox 360 to PS4 converter

1 x Paper instruction

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