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Xbox 360/Xbox One to Xbox One Controller Converter USB Adapter


  • Model: Xbox360/One to XboxOne
  • 500 Units in Stock

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Product Description

Xbox 360/Xbox One to Xbox One Controller Converter lets you use your Xbox 360 /Xbox One controllers to play Xbox One. It can also be used as an “Xbox One to Xbox One” Controller Adapter in that it lets you assign a Turbo function button and customize the button layout of Xbox One controllers.


● Compatible with gamepads, joysticks and racing wheels

● Woks with Xbox One and PC

● Hot swapping

● Bluetooth supports wireless controllers

● Auto-register controllers

● Full compliance with environmental standards

● Optimal button mapping

● USB interface

● Vibration support

● Lightweight and USB-sized

● No original controller needed for verification

● Remember up to 4 controllers

● Firmware updatable


Button Configuration

The Brook Xbox 360 to Xbox One Controller Adapter automatically recognizes Xbox 360 gamepads and racing wheels and auto-configures their buttons for use with the Xbox One as shown in the map. No toggling is required.



■ Each Brook Controller Adapter can handle only one Xbox 360 or Xbox One game controller at a time.

■ For use with a PC running on Windows 7 please install the original Xbox One driver from Microsoft. Older operating systems are not supported. 


Package content

1 x Xbox 360/Xbox One to Xbox One converter

1 x Paper instruction

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